What's Fishing Styles?

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What's Fishing Styles?

Postby boghy » Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:38 pm

Fishing Styles is made for everyone who wants to learn or share a fishing style.
The idea behind this website is to centralize as much fishing styles experience as possible. Each region world wide has they own way of catching fish. Sharing all this information in one centralized place will benefit everyone, since there is always something that someone doesn't know about catching same species of fish.
The mission for FishingSyles.COM is to provide an easy way to access and share all this information in one place, rather then searching all over the net for it, and wasting time doing it. We all know that sport fishing or commercial fishing requires a a lot of time and patience - your free time should be a quality time. We don't wanna waste your quality time while home by searching for some info hours by hours - you have better things to do anyway. We strive to do that work for you.
This is why the name FishingStyles.COM was created since December 15, 2010 - to learn a fishing style and catch your favorite fish.

Enjoy the website - Boghy
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