Owner 16 vrs 20 Mostad

Owner 16 vrs 20 Mostad

Postby CATCHINJIANTS » Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:25 pm

Saw these 16/0 Owner circles and figured I would try them out. The gap is a little bigger then Mustad 20 and they have a little diffent angle to the shank. The Owner seems to be much stronger and all around better built hook. I will fish them for a while and see how they do on sharks.

Has anyone tried these 16/0 Owners out?????????????


Owner 16, Mustad 20


So far I really like them... I caught my long term goal "1000lb Bluefin tuna" on the 16. I need to shark fish with them more and find out if they are good in the toothy field.
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