Mono to wire knot - shark leader

Mono to wire knot - shark leader

Postby moderator » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:35 am

I've seen many types of knots to connect a mono line to wire leader, but i stop using them after loosing some nice fish by broken line at the knot.
I won't comment in this post any type of fishing knot, i'll let you to be the judge, but my knot NEVER failed on me.
Why? The secret stand in the way how the wraps interact with the wire.
Pay attention to my video and let me know if you seen this knot anywhere else. If you did see it, and if there is already a name for it, i would gladly wanna hear it.

Please note: The knot in that video is as loose as possible in order for everyone to see clearly how the mono line wraps around the wire.
Here is how a knot like this would look like when is ready to be used:

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Re: Mono to wire knot - shark leader

Postby CATCHINJIANTS » Sat Nov 26, 2011 8:05 pm

Only time I have seen that is from you... makes sense to me and seems to be pretty sound. Just one question, why would you not use a barrel swivel?
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Re: Mono to wire knot - shark leader

Postby boghy » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:30 am

I had issues in the past with Black Tips and Spinner sharks when they start jumping they brake through the eye of the swivel on the wire side. In other words even though the swivel wouldn't fail in the middle, where the twisting happens, the wire leader cut through the eye of that swivel when these jumps happened. So, for me this was the way to go, and i haven't had issues. For sharks, the only time i used this type of rigging is when i fished from bridges, piers or boats where no weight would be used.
Lately when i fish for bluefish or spanish macro, i use this knot to connect the light wire to a mono leader with no swivel. In that way when you have a bluefish on or a spanish macro the other fish within that school wouldn't hit the swivel and cut you off, which happened to me many time before.
Works well for barracuda, when they are finicky in clear water, you make that knot - no swivel - they hit the live bait nice.
Overall you can use that knot in different rigs, not just for sharks.
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