Juno Pier - Fishing Reports | Tel: (561) 799-0185

Juno Pier - Fishing Reports | Tel: (561) 799-0185

Postby boghy » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:06 am

Post your Juno Pier Fishing Reports anywhere from bait fish to big game fish catches like king mackerel (kingfish), snook, bonito, spanish mackerel etc.
Visitor entry fee: $1/day
Fishing entry fee: $4/day
...and of course - FREE PARKING!
NOTE: You can always pay the $1 visitor entry fee then later in the day if you decide to start fishing, you just need to pay the $3 difference to get the fishing stamp on your right hand.
To contact Juno Pier dial the phone number: (561) 799-0185
Need to contact me quicker?
1) Click on the banner below and provide your REAL NAME & PHONE NUMBER !!!
2) ANSWER YOUR PHONE AND PRESS #1 to be connected with me.

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